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Full Circle G.J. Winters

Full Circle

G.J. Winters

Published February 15th 2014
Kindle Edition
95 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

IN THE MIDDLE OF A HUMAN WORLD WAR HIDES A WAR BETWEEN THE MAGARAMSTHE ADVENTURE HAS ONLY JUST BEGUNFrom the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Psychic Files, Chains of Darkness, Friend Zone, and now, The Magaram Legends Series...The epic conclusion to the Magaram Legend series, this book takes off right in the middle World War II, in the Pacific where the Japanese empire held sway.When the Allied Forces entered the Pacific side of the Philippine territory, the war for the Pacific began. Julio, now known all throughout the capital as a Japanese sympathizer, becomes a guerilla.Landing in the historic Red Beach of Palo, the Allied Forces were off to a good start -- but not for long. In their absence, the enemy had fortified all the defensive positions and it would only be a matter of time before they will be defeated.Unless Julio gets there in time.His extensive knowledge of the terrain and the Japanese’s strengths would be invaluable to the allies. With the help of a Monatson and Puiason, Magarams who are tree and animal guardians, Julio embarks on the final leg of his mission – to cut the war short. Battling soldiers, elite assassins, and Magaram alike, Julio fights every step of the way to fulfill his purpose.But all the while, he only has one memory that keeps him going.“And if I die?” he asked.“Then I shall traverse the cycles in reverse to find you again.”This is the epic finale to the Magaram Legend series. You would not want to miss this!EXCERPT“What is it?”It… It’s powerful, answered the Puiason, as if in a daze.Just then, Julio heard a low laugh that increased in volume as the seconds passed. Hearing the laugh with no face to pin it on while the voice was being tossed around by the sea breeze had a subtle paralyzing effect. Julio focused deeply.Julio, called the Puiason.Julio did not answer. He saw the mysterious signature slowing down significantly. Just like the Saro carriage he saw in the Magaram realm, as the energy started to slow down, the features were revealed.Julio saw colorful robes first, then the general outline of the skin. Then, even in the faint light that signaled the coming sunrise, he began to make out the features.Julio! called Masaru again, with terror in its call.Julio focused on the face of his opponent as he began to gradually appear. A great anger rose inside him as the first twinkle of familiarity came to him. As more of the face was revealed, Julio saw a smile. When the energy of the mysterious inpidual settled down at a slower pace, the semblance was undeniable. In his head he asked himself how someone of such beauty could be so rotten at the core.“You,” Julio managed to whisper, still unbelieving.Magaram Legends Full Titles:1 - Into the Unknown2 - Braving the Fire3 - Baptism4 - Purpose5 - Faith6 - Full Circle (this book!)Download and discover why readers are raving about GJ Winters.