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This Too Is Love: Twelve Stories Jay Edson

This Too Is Love: Twelve Stories

Jay Edson

Published August 31st 2009
ISBN : 9780578040646
169 pages
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 About the Book 

For all the current preoccupation about pedophiles, it is curious how little interest there seems to be with regard to what one is actually like. The authors intimate knowledge of one such individual should prove a useful window for the professional or the questioning layman who needs to look beyond stereotypical pejoratives. Though the work is fiction, it draws its inspiration from the experiences of a real person. Each of the 13 stories that comprise the book is complete in itself, but the stories share a common protagonist that can be seen as a series of snapshots taken at various points in his life. The central character is a psychotherapist by training. The stories are quite different stylistically, and focus on different aspects of his experience. They are intended neither to condone nor to condemn, but rather to understand. They ask a question. What is it like to be such a man?